A downloadable Dragon Edge for Windows and Linux

Dragon Edge Is A TV Show That Will Be Released In March Of 2017. This Is A Quick Five Minute Game That We Made To Show You The Story Of Our Show. We Worked Hard On This And It Is Basically A Choose Your Own Adventure Game Following The Events Of Episode One Of The Dragon Edge. Dragon Edge is about two kids of the 13th century, Katon and Sepson are training to become warriors and keep the land safe. But something strange happens. A portal opens up from the wraith of an ancient artifact that was cursed by an evil spirit. The portal leads to the year of 2017 and they are trapped until they can find a blade known as "The Dragon Edge" and cut open a portal through space and time to get back to their home. Through their long and dangerous journey they will have to fight cursed creatures, find artifacts, and survive in modern day America.

Install instructions

  • Download It
  • Run (If It Says Not Safe Click On More And Then Click Run Anyway, We Can Honestly Assure You It Is Safe)
  • Extract the folder with the blue square
  • Click On "Game" With The Red Dragon On It
  • And Begin Playing!!!


Dragon Edge.exe 1 MB